How are our safaris?2020-09-16T10:16:16+02:00
Can the trip be customized?2020-09-16T10:06:24+02:00

Yes, apart from the safaris and excursions that you will find on this website, we also carry out travel packs from the first to the last day of your stay in the country with all transfers, hotels and activities included. The only thing we don’t take care of is international flights.

Are there more activities to do in Kenya, apart of safaris?2020-09-16T10:02:15+02:00

Of course, many more, you can go trekking, living in a Maasai tribe, rafting, ascent to Mount Kenya (2nd highest mountain in Africa), diving, boat trips, Kitesurfing …

How can I book and the payment is made?2020-09-16T09:59:39+02:00

You can make the reservation by paying 50% by bank transfer to the account number that we will send you and the other 50% in euros or dollars, on the day of arrival in Nairobi or a day before starting the trip by transfer.


What vaccines are needed? Is it necessary to take Malarone?2020-09-16T09:55:50+02:00

There is no mandatory vaccination for travel to Kenya, although yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, polio, tetanosdiphtheria, and meningococcal disease are recommended. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers over one year of age from countries where there is a stopover risk of yellow fever transmission.

The so-called risk areas where you can get malaria are Lake Victoria and the coastal area, although it is very, very unlikely to get malaria while on safari. In any case, we recommend, just in case, to wear a malarone and apply anti-mosquitoes at night if we are going to be outdoors. Do not forget to request an appointment with the Foreign Health doctor before coming to Kenya.

How to get the Tourist VISA?2020-09-16T09:52:28+02:00

You can obtain the Tourist Visa when you arrive at the Nairobi airport, you can pay both in euros and dollars, it costs € 40. It has a validation of 3 months extendable to 6 months. If you are spanish, you can also request it online from your home and from the website of the Kenyan embassy in Spain, they explain very well the steps to follow:


If apart from coming to Kenya, you are going to travel to Uganda or Rwanda, you can get the Uniform Visa for East Africa, it is worth € 75 and valid for 90 days with multiple entries.

Where do I change money? In what currency?2020-09-16T09:46:09+02:00

You can exchange money as soon as you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi at the exchange office located in the departure terminal T1, the office is open 24 hours. But in the city center, located in the CBD (Central Business District), on Kaunda Street and the parallel streets you will find more offices with better exchange rates.

How can you keep contact KaribuKeniaTravel?2020-09-16T10:11:46+02:00

Our office is in Nairobi but you can contact us through:

  • Email: info@travellingtokenia.com
  • MD on our Instagram: karibukenia
  • Message on our Facebook page: KaribuKenia
  • WhatsApp: (+34) 699188375
  • Phones:
    (+254) 796578679
    (+254) 726 280 740
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