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Of course, many more, you can go trekking, living in a Maasai tribe, rafting, ascent to Mount Kenya (2nd highest mountain in Africa), diving, boat trips, Kitesurfing, Nairobi tour …

You can make the booking paying 50% by bank transfer to the account number that we will send you and the other 50% in euros or dollars on the day of arrival in Nairobi or a day before starting the trip by transfer.

The Tourist Visa can be obtained when you arrive at the Nairobi airport, it can be paid in both euros and dollars, it costs € 40 or 50$. It has a validation of 3 months extendable to 6 months. You can also request it online from your home and from the website of the Kenyan embassy in Spain, they explain very well the steps to follow:

If apart from coming to Kenya, you are going to travel to Uganda or Rwanda, you can get the Uniform Visa for East Africa, it is worth € 75 and valid for 90 days with multiple entries.

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