All National Parks in Kenya have camping or camping areas, either in the R.N. Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, Samburu, Lake Baringo … So if you are thinking of coming to Kenya on your own, doing it cheaply and you are going camping, it may be a hassle to bring all the material in the backpack and having to check in an extra suitcase to carry all the equipment. From KaribuKenia we give you the opportunity to rent the tent and all the complete camping equipment, stove, kitchen utensils, plates, chairs, air mattress, sleeping bags … and only for 1200Ksh (10 Euros) a day for two persons. As soon as we arrive in Nairobi, we get in touch and we already give you all the material so that you can start your African adventure !!! In addition, we have maps of the natural parks, roads and we give you some practical advice.