Who are we?

Our mission is to make travelers who want to travel to Kenya enjoy a selection of unrivaled destinations with local activities and thus create an unforgettable vacation at affordable prices.

How did Karibu Kenia Travel start?

It all started with the need to practice english, a work contract and an adventurous mentality.

It all started in 2016, when Juan Carlos and I (Edu) were presented with the opportunity to go to work in Kenya as opticians-optometrists, we are both opticians but the main reason for coming to Kenya was to live a different experience and being able to practice English. Some may think, English in Kenya? English is the official language of Kenya and everyone speaks it, mainly in Nairobi which is where we live. Once settled in the country, our adventurous soul began to emerge. Both Carlos and I love to travel and that made us make it possible for us to flee to any part of the country at the slightest opportunity that our work allowed us. Our “modus operandi” was to rent a 4×4 off-road vehicle and adventure on our own, sleeping in all types of accommodation and a tent. In this way we got to know the main Animal Reserve in Africa, the Masai Mara National Reserve. And then came Nakuru, Samburu, Amboseli, ascent to Mount Kenya, ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania, rafting on the Tana River, getaways to the coast, trekking at Mount Longonot and Mount Suswa, wild camping on Lake Magadi. .. and so on until you know practically the whole country.

  • We work directly with locals to get betters prices
  • 24h coverage. throughout your trip from our Nairobi office
  • We answer all your questions and doubts in less than 24 hours
  • We have a Spanish/English speaking guide / drivers
  • Group safaris departing from Nairobi 365 days a year
  • Travel agency registered in Kenya and run by Spanish

All this knowledge that we acquire from Kenya is reflected in the blog that we started in 2017 called “KaribuKenia” and where we explain our adventures and everything related to Kenya, to help other travelers. There is very little information on the internet on how to travel to Kenya on your own, that was one of reason why we created the blog. It was so well accepted that the following year we set up our own travel agency with all kinds of services as you can see, also for those people who are not so brave and do not dare to travel independently.

Eduardo de Antonio

Eduardo de Antonio

Apasionado de viajar, los deportes, los aviones, la aventura, la gente… todo lo que sea no estar quieto.

De Barbastro, óptico de profesión y piloto de vocación. Intentando acercar Kenia a todo el mundo.

Juan Carlos Ceballos

Buscador de experiencias auténticas, nuevas culturas y gentes. Óptico-optometrista ejerciendo en Kenia, y sevillano.

Aficionado a la fotografía con la que intento mostrar mi visión del mundo.

Vicente Olivan

Vicente Olivan

Aprendiz de viajero, jogger medio decente y emprendedor a tiempo completo.

Ávido por descubrir lugares singulares que merezcan la pena, y Kenia es un buen ejemplo.

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